Pumps for the Buyer in the Know

You’re a discerning customer – you know what you need out of a pump for your Ag Solution Master.  We have what you need to replace your old Hypro D50.  A new name that will soon become familiar, try the AR50-SP Diaphragm Pump.  Make the switch and the only difference you’ll see is reduced contact tearing due to the improved diaphragm cut-out system and the cheapest price anywhere.

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In the market for a new pump?

Are you looking for a replacement for your worn-out Hypro D30, but a few web searches have left you with sticker shock?  Consider the AR30-SP Diaphragm Pump.


  • Equivalent to the D30 – so much you might say the only difference is the sticker on the side
  • New-design diaphragm cut-out system – prevent contact tearing even in heavy-duty operating conditions
  • Less expensive than the competition with all the dependability you’re used to


  • We’ll let you know if we find any!

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