Ag Solution Master – The Original ‘Gyp Machine’

Get the best yields from your water

Gypsum makes water wetter. For over 200 years farmers have used gypsum as a soil conditioner. The calcium in gypsum flocculates soil particles allowing greater movement of air and water into the root zone. Gypsum promotes water infiltration and the water becomes ‘more available’ in chemical terms.

The Ag Solution Master was developed in the mid-1980s by a leading soil chemist in order to maximize the benefits of fertilizers and gypsum on commercial crops. By working with an existing irrigation system the Ag Solution Master enables a rapid and even distribution throughout the soil. Gypsum and fertilizers are supplied at the time of the growing cycle when crops benefit most.

Start from the roots The key elements are :

Improved soil structure and water penetration
Soluble nutrients supplied directly to the root zone for maximum uptake
Helps correct soil or water imbalances (e.g. sodic soils, recycled or low solute water)

The Benefits of Gypsum—it makes 'water wetter'

Use up to a 1/3 Less Water

Reduces Water Waste


by reducing run off
and ponding.

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Improved water penetration

Improves soil structure and
water penetration.

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Increase your Yeilds

Increase Yields

Better Uptake of
water by roots.

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Healthy Root Growth

Promotes healthy root growth

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Improves Water Quality and Balances Soil

Plant Healthy Water

Turns recycled or
sodic water into
plant-healthy water.

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Improves water quality, with additional buffers

Buffers soil pH,

and adds calcium and supliments.

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Use the Ag Solutions Master to supply fertilizers too.